How To Use Your Card

See below for instruction.

 Loading The Card

The crypto-wallet is empty when purchased and will need funds loading.
A public key is displayed on the card, this is used to load it.
Simply purchase your crypto from an exchange such as;

Once purchased, send cryptocurrency to the address (public key) displayed on your card.
See our FAQ page for more details.

 Storing The Card

Credit card sized for your convenience!
Either keep in a safe place, or on your person ready to use at anytime!
Cryptocurrency wallets last forever, you"ll never have to worry about the card expiring or becoming unusable.
These cards are considered "cold-storage", equivalent to a paper-wallet. This means the wallet will never connect to the internet and never interact with the network. The result being a secure & unhackable means of crypto storage!
Your private key is protected with BIP38 encryption along with the corresponding password, your private key is never revealed.

 Using The Card

To spend your coins you must head to a compatible wallet, see below.
Type your private key into the wallet to import your funds. You can then access and send transactions to the network from your wallet.
See below for suitable wallets;

You can also give the card, with a preloaded amount, to another person as a gift! With BIP38 encryption, the private key is concealed until decrypted using the corresponding password!
The receiver can verify the balance of the card simply by entering the visible public key into a blockchain tracker such as;

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See our FAQ here


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